Ep. #53
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Mar. 13th, 2015
SONG: Yes, “Full Disclosure”
SYNOPSIS: Due to recent events, Steven attempts to take his mission as a Crystal Gem more seriously, prompting him to try and cut ties with Connie.

Season Two’s opening episode begins at the end, picking up immediately after the end of Season One’s finale “Jail Break”. Seconds after Lapis dragged her fusion partner, Jasper, into the depths of the ocean, Steven picks up his phone. Connie received his voice mail from earlier and asks just what in the world happened. He promises to call her back, but for now, he reunites with his father. Greg is relieved his son is alright, but has a severe panic attack after Steven tells him he nearly died during the battle. Steven sees how his father is affected and how his Gem missions are no longer the fun adventures he had prior.

Steven practices what he wants to say to Connie, but as he walks into the Big Donut, he’s greeted not with sugary snacks and two teenage employees, but broken glass and emptiness. The Homeworld Gem’s invasion has hit his hometown, once a place of security and peace, now a reminder of consequences he can’t even control, but must bear.


The more Steven practices his speech to Connie, the less confident he gets. How can he tell his best friend that he nearly died? He’s so afraid of Connie reacting the same way his father did. Steven eyes Beach City atop a hill to think. Ronaldo approaches Steven to inform him that Major Dewey issued permission for citizens to return home. One look at Steven’s worried face causes Ronaldo to go off on his usual dramatics: he, too comes up to the hill to think about the burdens he carries, having chosen to withhold the “truth” from the general public. As a “member of the weird”, the majority can only hope to understand how they feel. Steven inadvertently finds wisdom in Ronaldo’s insights as he, too is unique among humans and not many will get what he does for a living. Thinking about his father, Steven plans to cut ties with his Non-Gem loved ones to focus solely on his duties as a Crystal Gem, knowing he cannot let innocents bare the burden he carries.

Connie’s been trying to call him all day, but with his decision made, Steven deliberately ignores his phone. Connie goes to his house because she’s worried about him. Steven tries to sneak away, but he’s not exactly subtle. Connie chases Steven to the debris-covered beach where Jasper’s crumbled ship lies. He hides, but Connie calls him so she can hear his ringtone, informing her that he’s nearby. Steven texts back to tell her he doesn’t want to be her friend anymore. He feels extremely guilty for doing so, but knows this is the right decision. Connie is heartbroken and angrily demands that he at least have the courtesy to tell it to her face. Steven approaches her dramatically only to break out into tears, blubbering, “I still want to be friends!”


Steven finally tells Connie everything that has happened. Connie is immediately sympathetic. Even when Steven tells her that she shouldn’t have to put up with his risky life, Connie chooses to stay with Steven and be a part of her “universe.” Steven meant well in his desire to protect his loved ones, but in doing so, deprieved Connie of her choice. I’m glad “Full Disclosure” emphasized her decisions are just as important as Steven’s. Cutting off people in your life is dependable on how much it can personally benefit your health, but more than anything, Steven needs emotional support from his loved ones – both Gems and humans.

Greg arrives, having gotten the panic out of his system. In fact, the rest of Beach City is recovering and rebuilding, too. Steven learns that when things are down, the only way you can go is up! Beach City, its citizens, Greg, and Connie may have endured Homeworld Gems’ wrath, but life goes on.

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