Ep. #54
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Mar, 26th, 2015
SYNOPSIS: Steven hangs out with the Cool Kids and gets into trouble once again.

The Crystal Gems are in the middle of cleaning up Jasper’s ship when the Cool Kids approach Steven. They want to invite him for a little get-together, but he’s too busy at the moment. The Cool Kids take a different approach later that night and sneak Steven out.

Steven hitches a ride with the Cool Kids, listening in as they each go about their daily teenage lives. Buck can’t stand his father because he’s the mayor and has words for everything he does, Sour Cream wishes his stepfather would let him pursue his DJ career instead of badgering him to be a fisherman, and Jenny has trouble getting along with her twin sister, Kiki. Steven trumps them all though, explaining the Homeworld Gem situation and his indirect involvement in it. Steven is suffering under his mother’s shadow, burdened as her “replacement.” He wants to talk about his fears with the Crystal Gems, but he’s worried they blame him for Rose’s death. The Cool Kids immediately sympathize.

Sour Cream notices an eerie green glow in the middle of a crop field. The four take a detour to check it out whereupon they discover Peridot’s crashed escape pod. The Cool Kids immediately approach it in spite of Steven’s warning. Luckily, Peridot herself has since jumped ship, so it’s empty. The Cool Kids convince Steven to take selfies beside it, then Jenny makes the stupidest suggestion ever: she tells Steven to go inside the ship. In an effort to prolong his brief moment of fun, he hops in. The pod promptly locks him in.


Fortunately Steven has some degree of control over the escape pod using his fingers, but he knows he has to report this to the Crystal Gems. The Cool Kids are concerned for Steven’s stress level, so they convince him to chill out and mess with the pod for a bit. Steven gives in to his youthful desires and plays around with the vehicle, but his vice ends when he accidentally touches a part of the machine, causing it to go into defense mode. It sends off a light signature first, then attacks the Cool Kids with laser beams.

The Crystal Gems respond to the light signature impossibly fast, but at least the Cool Kids are safe. Steven on the other hand, not so much. The Gem trio believe Peridot is still onboard the pod and violently retaliate while the Cool Kids protest. Jenny eventually gets through to Garnet just as the latter is about to punch that pod straight to Saturn. Garnet frees Steven and the rest of the Crystal Gems chide the boy for not reporting this incident sooner. The Cool Kids step in and tell them to cut him some slack. He’s had it rough and whatever issue he has with his mother doesn’t mean he can’t cool down every so often. I like that the Cool Kids still state the importance of their mission – because it is – while emphasizing Steven’s personal issues. This is something a group of teenagers understand: the pressure of parental authority figures unable to or unwilling to meet common ground with them. The Cool Kids inform the trio that Steven has some serious emotional baggage and he needs to unwind every so often. The Crystal Gems agree and decide to unground him from TV.


The Cool Kids vaguely hint that Steven has complicated feelings over his mother to the Crystal Gems, so perhaps in time, all four of them can hash this out and slowly build a better bridge of communication with each other.

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