Steven attempts to goad Pearl and his father into taking an internet quiz to determine which Crying Breakfast Friends character they are. Since the two of them are occupied with Greg’s van, Steven is forced to take his amusement elsewhere. He catches Amethyst and asks her the questions. Amethyst being Amethyst, she doesn’t take them seriously until one of them hits her right on the head: it asks if she’s insecure and afraid of what other people think of her. She hesitates on the spot, desperately trying to cover up that anything is wrong with her.

Amethyst quickly bores of the game and heads to her room, only to find Garnet inside. A corrupted Gem has made its way in, so she has to team up with Garnet and Steven to catch it. Amethyst isn’t in the best of moods; the burning questions of that Crying Breakfast Friends quiz lingers in her mind. When Steven cluelessly bombards her with the survey, she gets even more offended and loses it when Garnet starts wrecking her room looking for the Corrupted Gem. Fortunately the Gem finds them, entangling itself around Amethyst until she reverts back to her dormant Gem state.


Steven is horrified, tearfully wishing Amethyst came back. He remembers Pearl took two weeks to reform and he already misses Amethyst. I can’t even handle this scene right now, Steven is just too adorable. Amethyst doesn’t waste time reforming, though she could have taken a few more hours, having reformed as herself except her arms are now her legs. Amethyst doesn’t care, they got a Corrupted Gem to find.

Garnet knows Amethyst didn’t put any effort into creating a look that defines her, but Amethyst doesn’t want to hear it. So what if Gems like Pearl took her time? If people are going to judge her appearance and lifestyle, why should she care? Amethyst isn’t subtle and when pushed, she does little to hide her bitterness. “Reformed” continues her journey after “On the Run”. That episode only brought up her insecurity, but it didn’t fix it. Things like these cannot be mended so easily and the resentment of her existence carries on into this episode. It’s not enough that she was born in Kindergarten as a parasite that almost sucked the world dry, any verbal criticism of her life hits her where it hurts. I think that’s why she rushed all her new forms: if people are going to make her feel worthless, then why put the effort?

Another encounter with the Corrupted Gem turns her back into her Gem Form. When she reforms, she’s now dressed as Pearl. After all, Pearl is perfect; Pearl is ideal; Pearl is absolutely the Best Crystal Gem Ever and She Can Do No Wrong, right? Garnet tells her to take the transformation seriously, especially since it affects the team, but Amethyst is too angry, causing enough of a distraction for the Corrupted Gem to once again poof her back into her dormant state. Amethyst returns with an arm and a leg hideously deformed and bigger than her usual size. Garnet is not pleased. Amethyst reacts badly because what is good for Garnet then? Amethyst runs off to confront the Corrupted Gems to prove she’s right; that what she looks like has meaning, but she keeps misintepreting Garnet’s words. Garnet wanted Amethyst to be Amethyst, but she has to be willing to be confident in herself and create a form that is her. The latter can’t stand who she is right now though, but she doesn’t completely realize it until Steven figures it out. That’s enough time for Amethyst to be distracted so the Corrupted Gem can poof her one more time. Garnet smacks the creature away in response.


Amethyst takes her time – a record-breaking four hours. Finally, she gets a new look, one that she can be satisfied with. There’s still the matter of the Corrupted Gems, but everyone hugs Amethyst after a job well done. Amethyst tries to brush it all off, but she secretly loves it.

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