Steven Universe – Episode 62 “Chille Tid”

Ep. #62
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Jun. 19Th, 2015
SYNOPSIS: Steven introduces the concept of dreams to the Crystal Gems.

Another night, another search mission. The Crystal Gems are in the middle of the ocean looking for Malachite. Poor Steven is worried about Lapis Lazuli while Garnet is concerned Malachite is one ticking time bomb away from destroying the world. Their fusion is unstable, barely held together by their anger and mistrust. If one of them overtakes the other, then Malachite’s rage will consume her body and we can all just kiss Beach City good-bye. They stop for the night though as Steven is slowly starting to drift off to Dreamland. The rest of the Crystal Gems can barely stand, so Steven advises them to take a rest, too. None of the Gems need sleep, so the concept is lost on them, so Steven decides to host a sleepover and give the Crystal Gems the snoozing experience. Garnet encourages Pearl and Amethyst to give it a try while she heads back to the ocean for another round.

Amethyst gets the hang of sleeping fine, but Pearl has trouble adjusting. Steven teaches her step-by-step, eventually succumbing to the Sandman’s lure. He dreams of himself as a sitcom star with his fellow Gems as co-stars. Steven is getting ready to go to the dance with Connie and he’s expecting her arrival at any moment. When he answers the doorbell though, he’s greeted by someone else: Lapis. Steven wakes up before anything could come of it though.

He tells Pearl his dream, but she doesn’t quite get how it works. Steven cites an example of a previous dream he had, droning on and on enough that even Pearl is having trouble fighting off sleep. Steven passes out mid-story and dreams of meeting Dogcopter. The pleasantries only last a minute before Steven reunites with Lapis again. He thinks it’s just a dream, but Lapis protests otherwise. She’s stressed out that Steven found her and it’s ruining her concentration.

Steven wakes up in time to see Pearl’s dream projected via her Gem: a hilarious wish fulfillment where she gets to be with Rose aboard a pizza surfboard, though it quickly transforms into a nightmare when Rose turns into Greg. Steven tells Pearl that he visited Lapis again and this time, he’s pretty sure the conversation was real. Pearl thinks his dream is mentally connected to Lapis. This might be the key to finding her! Steven falls back to sleep and finds Lapis in the middle of something. She’s been holding the Malachite fusion together with the collective weight of all the ocean and is none too pleased to see Steven there. She warns him to get out, but Steven wants to help. Lapis is sucked into the sea and out pops the person she’s been keeping under lock: Jasper.

Jasper has seen better days. With chains on her limbs, she crawls over to Steven with growing fury, but Lapis manages to drag her back in. She hopelessly tells Steven that it’s too late for her and that she might as well be Malachite forever. But it’s alright, she wants to do this for Steven, no matter how much she has to struggle. Steven wakes up just before Malachite could crush him.

Garnet arrives and calms Steven down. There’s nothing they can do for Lapis right now, so they might as well go back to sleep. Garnet demonstrates by collapsing onto the sleeping bag, obviously exhausted.

“Chille Ted” is definitely chilling! It’s not quite as innocuous because Malachite was already a set up at the start of the episode, but it still pulls a fast one on us by making us assume the rest of it would center around Steven’s bright and peppy dreams. And then it whiplashes into Lapis’ oceanic nightmares. Again, Steven Universe is incredibly effective when it comes to unexpected mood switches. “Chille Ted” doesn’t explain too much and only updates us on Lapis and Jasper’s predicament, but Garnet’s warning holds light, they’re both hanging by a thread. The Crystal Gems need to find Malachite soon before it’s too late.

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