Steven Universe – Episode 65 “Onion Friend”

Ep. #65
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Jul. 15th, 2015

SYNOPSIS: Amethyst visits an old friend who just so happens to be the mother of Onion! Now Steven has to spend time with that weird kid.Steven catches Amethyst in a sad mood. The usually energetic Gem is depressed and not even the offer of an empty can of cream cheese is enough to lift her spirits. Steven leaves her be so he can grab the perfect side snack for his lox bagel. He opens the cupboard to grab a bag of chips, except someone already got his grubby little paws on it: Onion. Somehow the kid snuck inside the house, nestled himself into the kitchen cupboard, stayed there for God knows how long, and is now running off with Steven’s bag of chips. What is with this kid?

Onion lures Steven away from his house and into the neighborhood. Steven follows him inside an open garage where he discovers numerous paintings of Amethyst. Steven quickly drags Amethyst to inform her of Onion’s creepy obsession until a middle aged woman threatens the two to get off her property. She loses her hostility when she and Amethyst recognize each other. The woman is Vidalia and she and Amethyst go way back. To viewers, she was the nameless punk woman Marty briefly hooked up with back in “Story for Steven.”

Vidalia hung out with the Crystal Gems since she had connections with Greg. Amethyst specifically liked her and it’s easy to see why: Vidalia is a brash jokester with an easygoing side. They were two peas in a pod, always getting into trouble. Pearl probably had a conniption dealing with them. The paintings turn out to be Vidalia’s as the Gem had always been her favorite model. It’s been a while since their last hung out – too busy with kids and all. Steven finds out Onion is Vidalia’s son. Onion has been raving about Steven to his mother constantly, enough that he asks his mother if Steven can stay for dinner. Vidalia is game and Amethyst is in agreement since it means reconnecting with her old pal. Steven is much more reluctant, but knows better than to rudely decline. He’s stuck in the same house that Onion dwells in, poor soul.

We discover a bit more about the Onion family: Sour Cream is Onion’s older half-brother – his father was Marty and from the way Vidalia talks about him, a very negligent one (big surprise) – while his father is Yellowtail whom Vidalia had married at some point after Sour Cream’s birth. Sour Cream and Yellowtail are in a bit of a sore spot right now because the latter wants his eldest son to pursue a fishing career like him when all Sour Cream wants is to be a DJ. Vidalia is content to let her kids express themselves however they like: she has no problem letting Sour Cream rave in his room even if it sucks the power dry and is non-chalant towards Onion’s unique behavior. With Yellowtail constantly away for lengths at a time and Vidalia having once been a rebellious free spirit herself, this explains a lot about her two kids.

Onion continues to egg Steven, this by sculpting his dinner into the shape of Steven’s head, then creepily licking it, and then regurgitating the content right in front of him. “Why do you hate food?” Steven vehemently asks.

After dinner, Onion asks if he can give Steven a tour of the house. Vidalia is fine with it and Amethyst wants any excuse to stay, so poor Steven is stuck being toted around by the World’s Creepiest Kid. Onion takes Steve to his room and more than lives up to his reputation. He gestures for Steven to feed a live mouse to his pet snake (something Steven cannot do), show him a video tape of his mother giving birth to him, and eventually luring him into a secret door hidden behind a poster. What is with this kid?!


That’s the last straw, Steven is suitably freaked out. He leaves the area and is about to ask Amethyst if they can leave before they both find out Onion is some kind of serial killer, but he catches her talking with Vidalia. Amethyst has been miserable because Pearl and Garnet are still awkwardly working through their conflict. Vidalia empathize, seeing how she’s often caught between Sour Cream and Yellowtail’s arguments. She took up painting Amethyst again as a stress-reliever, having always been inspired by Amethyst and her candid personality. Amethyst is stunned because she looked up to Vidalia for the same reason. It’s exactly what Amethyst needs right now: positivity. Her exhaustion is something I’ve been feeling a lot lately as well: you can only do so much for the people you love before you have to step aside and let them handle it. But when you’re constantly surrounded by these folks, the negativity gets to you. It builds and builds until it stresses you out mentally and you just can’t take it anymore. Amethyst had to remove herself and find a healthy way to manage it. Vidalia gave Amethyst a chance to relax. Steven understands now, she needed an outlet to vent about her feelings and gain some form of validation and she had to get it from someone outside the Gem Temple. After all, he tried to do the same in “Keystone Motel”.

Realizing that home has been awful for her as much as it was for him, Steven leaves Amethyst to vent. He sucks it up and tells Onion he’s game for whatever freaky nonsense he’ll throw at him. Onion takes Steven to a secret room in the house, empty except for some lights, a painting of baby Onion, and a chest. Inside the chest are a batch of GUYS and GALS. Steven is impressed at his collections, but Onion does one better: he gives Steven one of his prized GALS. It sort of works as an apology for what he pulled back in “Onion Trade”, but importantly, it explores Onion’s stark loneliness. Without his father and with seemingly no other friends – Sour Cream being too old to share the same interests as him, his mother being his mother – Onion turns to the one person he sees on a regular basis: Steven. Specifically he sees another boy like him who also happens to love GUYS and GALS. Onion found someone with a common ground and though his mannerism will puzzle psychologists and scientists for years, his intentions are clear: he values Steven as a friend and wants to share his prized possession with him. Steven is appreciative of Onion and the two gab (well, Steven gabs) over the collectibles.

Steven and Amethyst finally head out for the night, but with an offer that Vidalia and Onion drop by their place sometime. Onion responds by opening up his mouth where his pet mouse – still alive – dwells. Suitably freaked out again, Steven reluctantly accept.

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