Steven Universe – Episode 71 “When It Rains”

Ep. #71
ORIGINAL AIR DATE: Oct. 1st, 2015
SYNOPSIS: Steven and Peridot bond.

Try as they might, the Crystal Gems can’t get Peridot to squawk about the Cluster. She’s still holed up in the bathroom and the only person she’s allowed inside is Steven, which works great because the kid had to use the toilet (he told Peridot to avert her gaze first.) The Crystal Clods – I mean Gems – decide to investigate this Cluster business by themselves, leaving Steven in charge of Peridot. Before they warp out, Garnet shapes her hands into a heart and tells Steven she loves him. It’s too cute for words.

Steven tells Peridot that she can come out of the bathroom now that the Crystal Gems are gone, but she stubbornly refuses. She only bolts out when she hears thunder from the torrential rain, adorably clutching onto Steven for safety. Peridot thinks the Cluster is finally hatching, but Steven tells her it’s just the weather. Peridot has no idea what “rain” is, so he explains. When that isn’t enough, Steven takes her outside and proves a little raindrop never killed anyone. Peridot warily steps out of the house. The water is not only harmless, but the experience shifts her perspective. Perhaps this Steven is useful after all.

Peridot begrudgingly thanks Steven for explaining how rain works. Viewing the boy in a higher light, she is willing to tell Steven – and only Steven – about the Cluster. Those Crystal Clods aren’t getting zip from her! Her Limb Enhancers are gone, so all the information she’s stored is kaput. However, she backed up a substantial amount back in the main Kindergarten base. Steven knows better than to take Peridot away from home, so he’ll only honor her wishes as long as she’s holding his hand. Steven is very literal about this, he refuses to let go!

Once they arrive in Kindergarten, Peridot learns Steven is a hybrid between a human and a Gem. Steven learns Peridot was never involved in the fusion experiments or the Cluster, just someone who read logs about it. She tells Steven the fusion creatures were the result of Homeworld Gem experimentation after they realized Earth’s lack of viability as a colony. They wanted to make a geo-weapon and the fusions we’ve seen so far were mere prototypes for something bigger –- much bigger. The Cluster is made up of millions of Gem shards artificially fused together and nestled deep inside the globe. It’s only a matter of time before it emerges into its physical form and take Earth with it. The recent arrival of the experimental fusion is a sign that the Cluster will soon awaken. Steven has two options: find a way to save every single person on this planet or stop the Cluster, both tall orders in and of itself. Peridot is certainly hopeful: with her brains and Steven’s savvy knowledge of Earth, they have a shot of destroying the experiment. Steven warns her that he doesn’t know everything and that Peridot needs to tell the Crystal Gems about this, but she’s still adamantly Anti-Crystal Gems.

Suddenly, fusion experiments attack! All Steven can do is protect himself and Peridot with his bubble. Thankfully the Crystal Gems arrive to poof them back into their dormant state. Peridot understands the Crystal Gems are an asset, so she swallows her pride and decides to tell them everything they need to know.

There’s plenty to muse over the little key lime pie that is Peridot, but I’ll reserve it for a future episode. However, we’re already seeing an entirely different tone from her and they hardly had to change her personality at all to accomplish it! She’s still a blunt little weasel prone to blabbering and refuses to team up with the Crystal Gems out of a matter of principle. But Steven is an entirely different beast altogether because nothing gets past his endless kindness. Through him, Peridot experienced something she never had at home and it utterly shook the foundation she was bred into. Earth is unpredictable. It’s not enough for her to join the Crystal Gems, but she’s willing to lay down the gloves if it means stopping the Cluster. True to her personality, she’s not doing this for the sake of the planet or Steven, but because she doesn’t want to die. Still, Steven sees something in her the others don’t and more often than not, his intuition about people has often been right. Let’s hope he made the right call here.

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