Steven Universe – Episode 78: “Log Date 7 15 2”

Ep. #78
 Jan. 8th, 2016
SYNOPSIS: Peridot tries to adjust her new life as a Crystal Gem.


Peridot is…losing it. She records her ill-gotten status as the newest member of the Crystal Gem to her tape recorder, quickly descending into madness during. She betrayed Yellow Diamond and turned her back from Homeworld, all because she fell in love with this insignificant little planet called Earth. Steven assures her that everything will be alright, but Peridot’s journey is going to be a long one. While Garnet placates Peridot, Steven curiously rewinds her tape recorder to see what else she’s archived since he gave it to her.

First Entry: She documents the day “the Steven” gave her the recorder. Regardless of its primitive nature, it gets the job done. She also learned that “the Steven” is just called “Steven.” isn’t receptive at first, but she respects his wishes.


Second Entry: Peridot is fascinated with the lifeforms of this planet. While eyeing a ladybug, she wonders if all of Earth’s creature is capable of flight. She tests her theory by pushing Greg off the roof of the barn while he’s in the middle of fixing it. Garnet catches him in time and then berates Peridot; she can’t just push anyone she wants off the roof! Humans especially. In Peridot’s defense, she didn’t know that. She quickly concludes the “permafusion” Garnet is the worst.


Third Entry: Peridot is tasked to do a “chore” – like some common Pearl! Still, she gives it her best, even if she’s holding the broom upside down. Cleaning the barn isn’t all that bad, she discovers a pair of boxer shorts. Fascinated with the Earthlings’s clothings, she dons the boxers. She likes them well enough until Garnet sneaks in and jokingly compliments her. Peridot tears the boxers in anger.



Fourth Entry: Steven gives Peridot a couple of canisters as a one-month anniversary gift of their alliance. He wants her to feel appreciated, so he gave her something that’ll make her feel taller. Peridot accepts, but her “thanks” could use a little work. She only wears them at night when everyone is asleep, boosting to an imaginary Pearl and Amethyst of her sudden growth.


Fifth Entry: Peridot attempt to learn Earth jokes. She has no idea what a chicken is.


Sixth Entry: This is the best entry. Steven introduces Peridot to a TV show called Camp Pining Hearts. There, two teenagers are confessing their love to each other, but Peridot is offended by this drivel. Three days later, she’s hooked to the show. That is, the one episode Steven introduced her to because she’s unaware there’s more. Peridot repeatedly watched it to the point of unhealthy obsession, going as far as making a chart analyzing why the canonical love interests are absolutely wrong for each other. She concludes this Percy character clearly belongs with Pierre instead. Aww, it’s Baby’s First Shipping.


Seventh Entry: Peridot is fascinated with Amethyst’s shapeshifting ability and asks her to transform into a chicken. Now she gets the joke. Peridot is also getting along with her partners. She’s come to respect Pearl and Amethyst makes her laugh. Garnet though, eludes her.


Eighth Entry: Peridot witnesses Pearl and Amethyst fusing into Opal so they can pick up the drill to place on a stand. Officially at her limit, Peridot approaches Garnet and complains. At the very least if Garnet is going to be a fusion, she should use her powers to her fullest, yet she’s sitting around stargazing! Garnet calmly gestures for Peridot to sit next to her. She does and they look at Homeworld’s galaxy from afar.


Garnet would like her to understand fusion, so if Peridot is willing, she can try and fuse with her. Peridot is nervous but accepts. Try as she might, Peridot doesn’t make for a great dance partner. Garnet is proud of her regardless because she made an attempt to understand her better. Peridot still doesn’t get why Garnet is the way she is…until the latter stated she’s “Percy and Pierre.” The power of shipping saves the day!


The final entry log has Peridot asking Garnet to record something. Garnet gently tells Steven that she knows he was playing the entry logs and though it comes from a good place, it wasn’t a nice thing to do. She tells Steven to give Peridot her recorder back, which he does. Peridot thanks him in return.

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