Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance: “Ricksy Business”
Voice Actor: Cassie Steele

Nobody was prepared for Tammy.

She first arrived in “Ricksy Business” as Summer’s friend. Tammy was an ordinary high school girl who just so happened to get involved in a human/alien party. There she met Birdperson and the two hit it off right off the bat in spite of their initial differences. Tammy ended up leaving her planet for Birdperson’s after the party ended. Though originally just a fling, the two have since become a live-in couple.

Tammy’s big day came in “The Wedding Squanchers” when the Smiths receives an invitation to her wedding to Birdperson. Rick is less than pleased his best friend is tying the knot, but the marriage goes off without a hitch and he quickly warms up to it.

Only during the after-wedding party does Tammy reveal her true colors as a double agent for the Galactic Federation. The entire ceremony was an elaborate plan to pull all the known members of the rebellion under one roof to take them out. Not even her best friend, Summer, knew. Tragically, Birdperson is killed during the battle, shot by his own wife. Squanchy helps Rick and the Smith family escape before transforming into a fierce, giant version of himself. He manages to knock Tammy back, but what happened to her is currently a mystery.

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