The Agency Director

Status: One-shot Character
First Appearance: “Pickle Rick”
Voice Actor: Peter Serafinowicz

The Russian Agency Director runs a tight ship. He has to when he’s harboring deep secrets from the public and keeping a highly dangerous criminal under lock and key. What he didn’t expect was Pickle Rick. When Rick accidentally snuck inside, he quickly went on a roaring rampage of mass destruction, killing any agents who were unlucky enough to cross his path in a crazed attempt to escape the base.

Though the Agency Director tried to keep a cool face, idle threats and polite mind games did nothing to deter Rick. Whispers amongst his employees that Rick was “Solenya”, an old wives’ tale of a pickle man meant to scare children, only further added to the stress. Desperate, the Agency Director struck a deal with Jaguar, the notorious criminal he had jailed. In exchange for killing Rick, the Director would free his daughter, Katarina.

Jaguar and Rick fought to a stalemate, neither one giving in. The two teamed up after they found out how much they had in common, specifically their complicated relationship with their respective daughters. The Agency Director wasn’t savvy enough to see that coming. With no option left, the Agency Director shot his remaining employees and made off with a suitcase full of bonds. Jaguar and Rick successfully killed him with a massive explosion that took down the entire base.

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