Status: One-Shot Characters
First Appearance: “Total Rickall”

If it’s too good to be true, that means it usually is, especially in the Rick and Morty verse. Jerry’s Brother, Steve, has been living with the family for a year now. An all-around swell guy, Steve surprises the Smith household by treating them to a trip to Paris. Everybody is thrilled…until Rick shoots him, revealing Steve for who he truly is: an alien parasite.

These grotesque creatures are devious to a tee: they multiple by discreetly implanting themselves into unsuspecting minds. There they create false memories of loved ones and friends so they can safely repopulate their species without suspect from their hosts.

With the house infected, Rick traps everyone with intent to kill all the parasites before they’re let loose to the public. Unfortunately positive memories is a powerful thing and who the Smiths believe is real or false turns into a complicated mess. Comically, the parasites’ disguises grows increasingly elaborate and ridiculous as the mystery unfolds. Everything from Cyborg Amishes, a samurai coated in ham, baby wizards, flying rainbow lambs, and other gimmicks fill the household.

Somehow the parasites convince the Smiths that Rick is the true evil. Morty takes him to the garage to kill him in private, but before he can oull the trigger, he suddenly remembers unpleasant flashbacks of his time with Rick. Morty realizes his grandfather is the real deal because the parasites only create happy, pleasing memories and Rick is anything but! With that knowledge in mind, Rick and Morty slowly recruit the rest of the Smith family to kill every last parasite until the house is clean.

Bonus: This parasite was foreshadowed two episodes ago in “Mortynight Run” in one of the cleverest blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments. Rick accidentally took one of their pods home when he was gathering crystals (that would be the pink thing lodged in the crystal Rick is currently holding in the image below.) Surprise, surprise, it was Rick’s fault he brought the parasites home.

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