STATUS: Secondary Characters
FIRST APPEARANCE: “Lars and the Cool Kids”
VOICE ACTOR: Lamar Adams (Buck Dewey), Reagan Gomez-Preston (Jenny Pizza), Brian Posehn (Sour Cream)

As is wont in the world of teenagers, there is often always a group clique that stands out head and shoulders above all others. Least, that’s what Lars assumes whenever he bumps into the Cool Kids. Comprised of Buck Dewey, Jenny Pizza, and Sour Cream, these three teens are as aloof and chill as you’d expect their group namesake to be. Though they stick together more often than not – to the point where Lars think they are above other teenagers – the Cool Kids are actually relaxed, open-minded folks who embrace anyone with a friendly deposition, including Steven and especially Lars. They are legitimately cool kids and maybe someday Lars will see that.

The three are…

Buck Dewey: The only son of Beach City’s mayor, Bill Dewey, Buck is an odds with his clumsy politician of a father, considering the man a sell out. Buck is a free-spirited artist who often goes with the ebb and flow of life. Though he claims the lack of fatherly love is what made him who he is, he’s quietly bothered by it. He’s also unaware that Bill, too, wishes to make amends with his son, something neither of them really know how to do just yet. Despite the lingering father issues and a cynical attitude, Buck is a kind soul and is often the first to compliment someone.

Jenny Pizza: Compared to her rigid twin sister, Kiki, Jenny is a confident and opinionated girl. She often suggest something dangerous to do, even if it isn’t always a good idea!

Jenny’s extroverted personality and habit of shirking responsibilities at work means Kiki often ends up pulling double duty for her. This took a toll on Kiki who started having vivid nightmares until Steven helped her figure out the cause. Once Jenny found out she had been taking advantage of Kiki for her own fun, she set things right and started taking in more work hours. Jenny may have a wild streak, but she still loves her family.

Sour Cream: The eldest child of Marty and Vidalia, Sour Cream is an aspiring DJ who can groove to just about anything. Like Buck, he has his share of daddy issues: he and his stepfather Yellowtail aren’t on good terms. The latter wants Sour Cream to join him in the fishing business, but he’d rather pursue a music career. His biological father, Marty, is criminally negligent. The only time we see them together onscreen had Marty using his son’s talents to shill his own crummy soda product. Sour Cream was naturally displeased. On the plus side, he did patch up with Yellowtail when the latter started to support his stepson’s dreams.

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