Status: One-Shot Characters
First Appearance: “Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind”
Voice Actor: Justin Roiland

What does it say about our Rick when he’s viewed as the malcontent by an entire council of Ricks?

The Citadel of Ricks is a hidden base established by a thousand or so Ricks from alternate dimensions. They got sick of running from terrorists and alien governments who want their intelligence, so they worked together to create their own headquarter that acts as a sanctuary for other Ricks and their Mortys. The leaders of the citadel are the Council of Ricks. They keep an eye on all the known Ricks and Mortys, helping them when needed and stepping in when one of them goes too far. The mess must be huge considering these are Ricks we’re talking about.

Indeed, our Rick and Morty (of dimension C-137) are arrested by a group of Rick Soldiers one day and sent to trial in front of the council. There Rick is accused of murdering twenty-seven other Ricks. Rick says he’s innocent, but the council finds overwhelming evidence from his portal gun’s history that shows he had been to those previous twenty-seven locations where the murders took place. Rick realizes he’s been framed, but with no evidence to give, he and Morty escape throughout the multiverse. Rick vows to find the jerk who incriminated him.

The real killer had been hiding in a hidden base on a far-off planet. After Rick exposes him, the Council of Ricks apologize and as compensation, hands him a voucher for one free Morty should he lose his. Morty was not amused.

The Council of Ricks play a role in the Pocket Morty ioS/Android game. There they confiscate Rick’s portal gun because it’s unlicensed and Ricks aren’t allowed to partake in Morty battles without a proper portal gun. They send Rick off to win badges from other alternate Ricks. Getting certain amount of badges means Rick can battle each of the Council of Ricks, the six serving as the Elite Four of the Pocket Morty world.

Rick criticizes the Council of Ricks for subverting their philosophy: they hate the government, but in working together and forming their own, they’ve became their own antithesis. At least they’re Ricks in spirit: they’re still disgusting slobs, prank Jerry, and constantly make fun of the “worst Rick of them all” – Doofus Rick.

Frankly, a Council of Rick might be necessary in the long run. When a Rick goes overboard, who better to understand and butt in than a series of Ricks? Let’s hope the Council has the universe’s best interest at heart. After all, who watches the watchmen?

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