Status: One-Shot Characters
First Appearance: “Meeseeks and Destroy”
Voice Actors: Steve Agee (Dale), Ryan Ridley (Giant Lawyer), Cree Summer (Giant Woman), Rob Paulsen (Giant Judge/Cop/Peasant), Vatche Panos (Slippery Stairs)

When Morty bets with Rick that he can take them on a fun adventure without the traumatizing danger, he picks a fanciful fantasy land. The duo meet a range of colorful characters, some far worse than others. Just goes to show that a fairy tale life is merely an illusion.

The Village Folks: They’re currently suffering from a severe financial crisis. Morty vows to save them and succeeds, but at a price. When Rick finds out what their King nearly did to Morty, he kills him in front of everyone, much to the uninformed and horrified townsfolk. That is until one of its citizens discovers incriminating photos of their kindly ruler. They opt to burn them to preserve King Jellybean’s reputation.

The Giants: Morty and Rick live out the classic story of Jack and the Beanstalk, but the giant they meet Fee-Fi’ed his last Fo Fum. He accidentally slips on a puddle of water when he smells Rick and Morty, slipping and hitting his head on the edge of the table.

His wife catches the two, thinking they were the murderers. Rick and Morty are sent to the Giant Police Center, then to Giant Court under heavy prejudice; it’s clear the big folks have no love lost for the itty-bitty guys. Thanks to a Giant Lawyer preserving the rights of tiny people, Rick and Morty are absolved of any wrongdoing.

Waitress: A kindly old waitress who works at the Thirsty Steps Bar located on the side of the Giant Court steps. She’s one of the few people who doesn’t have it out for Rick and Morty.

Slippery Stairs: A slug creature who takes Rick and Morty down a long set of giant stairs for a 25 schmeckles. Another person who has no ill-will to the titular duo, a record!

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