STATUS: Secondary Characters
FIRST APPEARANCE: “Laser Light Cannon”
VOICE ACTOR: Billy Merritt (Mr. Fryman), Zachary Steel (Ronaldo), Atticus Shaffer (Peedee)

The Fryman family live up to their surname as the proprietors of Beach City’s fast food joint, Beach Citywalk Fries. Headed by Mr. Fryman and his sons Ronaldo and Peedee, their salted potato goods is everything you could ever want. Steven especially loves to get leftover bits from the fryer, so it gets his endorsement!

Mr. Fryman: The owner of Beach Citywalk Fries, Mr. Fryman is a gruff, no-nonsense businessman who takes his job seriously. He expects the same sense of work ethic and dedication from his children, often to their detriment. Thankfully, Mr. Fryman isn’t so stubborn that he won’t listen to reason when his sons feel pressurized to live up to his demanding expectations. He may not be the most affectionate guy, but he’ll come through for his kids.

Ronaldo Fryman: Mr. Fryman’s eldest son, Ronaldo is a teenage conspiracist stuck in his own world. Though he’s determined to discover the “truth” behind untold mysteries, he’s comparatively lazy elsewhere, especially with his job. Ronaldo doesn’t share the passion for fries as his father does, causing something of a strained relationship between the two. It doesn’t help that his hobby is incredibly weird to Mr. Fryman, but maybe they will find common ground someday.

Peedee Fryman: Mr. Fryman had better luck with his younger son, Peedee; this boy is all about hardwork and dedication. Peedee looks up to his father and tries to emulate his responsibilities and work ethic. As such, he’s often behind the counter as its chief employee. This has caused him to be cynical to the grim realities of life, enough that childhood pleasures doesn’t mean much to him anymore. What a heavy burden for a grade schooler to bear! Peedee is just as dramatic as his brother, but unlike Ronaldo’s reckless behavior, Peedee is timid and prone to hysterics. He’s quick to worry and often subjected to a lot of stress. In spite of it all, Peedee has the chops to carry the Fryman legacy.

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