Status: Secondary Characters
First Appearance: “Pilot”

The Galactic Federation is the largest known space government in existence. Its reach extends to over 6000 known planets allied under its firm hand. Most of the grunts that are seen working for the Galactic Federation is the bug-like Gromflomites.

Rick, ever the living incarnate of chaos doesn’t give a hoot about bureaucracy. If he isn’t avoiding them, then he tries to subvert their rules or sneak behind their back to pursue his own leisure. A few Ricks from alternate dimensions even banded together to form the Council of Ricks to specifically benefit all Ricks and Mortys from the Federation’s grip, even if it means selling out and becoming a government themselves. Sometime in the past, Rick, Squanchy, and Birdperson were all part of a rebellion dedicated to bringing down the Federation.

To date, some of the Galactic Federation’s actions include: pursuing Rick when he tries to sneak in illegal alien contraband, keeping a nebulous space cloud prisoner in order to take advantage of its abilities to alter the composition of the atom (if Fart is to be believed), and sending an Earthling double agent to seduce Birdperson and stage an elaborate wedding to bring all or most of the rebellion under one roof.

By the end of “The Wedding Squanchers”, they have successfully captured Rick when the latter turned himself over. Earth quickly became the latest planet to join their ever increasing organization. Even if Rick escapes prison, he’s going to have to keep a closer eye on his activities.

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