Status: One-Shot Characters
First Appearance: “Raising Gazorpazorp”
Voice Actor: Claudia Black (Ma-Sha)

The Gazorpazorp people are a race of segregated alien species, having long since separated their two genders for the greater good. The planet is a matriachy, ruled by Ma-Sha as she governs a women-only paradise from above. Down below are the beastly men they keep in tow.

During the Great Passive-Aggression, the women grew tired of the male’s barbaric masculinity, so they opt to separate and go create their own society. The women live in a world of shopping malls, advanced science, and feelings that can be talked through via words or silent treatments. The men live like animals in Gazorpazorp’s wild desert environment, seemingly content on fighting, eating, and mating. In order to keep the Gazorpian species going, the women sends a giant spaceship that launches numerous sex robots for them to breed with. The robots contain an incubation chamber that holds the fetus. Female babies are kept within civilized society; male babies “go outside to play.”

Rick and Summer are caught up in their gender politics when a couple of female Gazorpians imprisons them. While Summer is free to do as she pleases due to being a woman, Rick is stuck playing prisoner to his granddaughter to avoid execution for the sin of being male. Throughout the episode, Rick and eventually Summer questions whether gender should be separated, reiterating that though Earth is far from perfect with their equality, they’re doing the best they can to make it so. The Gazorpians eventually realize that Rick is not Summer’s slave and sends them to trial where they are to be executed. Summer secures their freedom though by pointing out the fabulous top she is wearing. Adored by the Gazorpians prior, she states a man made this shirt, therefore the Gazorpians would be nothing but hypocrites.

Reluctantly admitting defeat, Ma-Sha sends Rick and Summer home.

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