STATUS: Secondary Characters
FIRST APPEARANCE: “Bubble Buddies” (Connie Maheswaran), “Fusion Cuisine” (Priyanka and Doug Maheswaran)
VOICE ACTOR: Grace Rolek (Connie) Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (Priyanka), Crispin Freeman (Doug)

The Maheswarans take a certain pride in their disciplinary lifestyle. They demand nothing short of order and perfection in their daily routines and they expect the same from their only child: Connie. Priyanka and Doug Maheswaran doesn’t think much of Steven and his weird family, but the longer Connie spends time with them, the more they loosen up and realize how happy their daughter is and that stifling her wouldn’t have resolved anything. Little by little, the Maheswarans open up to Steven’s universe. Perhaps they can be of great aid to them one day, just like their daughter.

Connie Maheswaran: Priyanka and Doug’s only child, Connie is at first a meek, quiet girl constantly under the watchful eyes of her parental guardians. She’s exceptionally gifted and clever, as well as imaginative. An enthusiastic bibliophile, Connie is particularly enamored of the fantasy genre and daydreams of an exciting life far from the limitation her parents have imposed on her. She gets her opportunity when she bumps into a boy named Steven Universe…

Doctor Priyanka Maheswaran: It goes without saying that Priyanka is the dominant figure between the married pair: she’s a successful doctor with high expectations for Connie. Always strict and orderly, she commands presence with a stern voice and a deadly glare. Priyanka’s draconian rules meant Connie kept her sword training a secret from her. The only positive influence Connie seem to have gotten from her mother is her determination and intelligence.

Eventually Priyanka found out about Connie’s sword lessons. She took Rose’s sword, but changed her mind when Connie successfully fought off a duo of Clustered Gems alongside Steven. Priyanka was at first shocked that she didn’t know her daughter as well as she thought, but quickly sympathized with Connie’s suppressed feelings. Priyanka promised to keep an open mind as long as Connie remained honest with her. Since then, Priyanka has steadily accepted the Universe’s place in her daughter’s life.

Doug Maheswaran: Though Doug is just as willing to enforce disciplinary structure in the Maheswaran household, he’s a comparatively mild-mannered man in lieu of his wife. Doug seem to take Connie’s adventurous lifestyle with ease, enough that his spotlight episode had him lingering in self-doubt that he would ever be interesting to his daughter anymore. When he invited the two on a park patrol, he incited a mystery and made it seem more exciting than it really was. Fortunately Connie ensured her father that she loves spending time with him, especially when she needs some normalcy in her life.

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