Status: One-Shot Characters
First Appearance: “The Ricks Must Be Crazy”

In his usual defiance of God, Rick created a time hole that eventually fostered an entire micro-planet. Deemed the “Microverse” by Rick, he shrunk and disguised himself as a benevolent alien, gifting the people with the Gobber Steps. This kinetic-based device powered their electricities, but unbeknown to the fine folks of the Microverse, it also charged up Rick’s space ship (and occasionally his phone.)

When the battery stopped working, he and Morty revisited the Microverse to find out its head scientist, Zeep Xanflorp developed a way to stop using the Goober Steps and still power up their homes. He created a small universe of his own called the Miniverse where he tricked the people there to power up their cities using another device, just like Rick. In true Inception-like fashion, the Miniverse has another world built by its scientist called the Tiniverse. Like Rick and Zeep, he, too has plans to trick the Tiniverse folks to unwittingly work for them.

This collapses on itself when both Zeep and the Miniverse scientist realized their entire existence was a lie. While the Miniverse scientist killed himself out of grief, Zeep and Rick engaged in numerous battle for months until Morty put a stop to it. They worked together long enough for Rick and Morty to escape and force an ultimatum on Zeep: either resume the Goober Steps or risk having their whole planet destroyed.

The denizens of the Microverse has a decidedly alien feature: large, yellow eyes and vibrant green skins. The Miniverse look more like sentient white blood cells. Either way, both creatures share many of the same traits as that of Earth. Guess that’s what happens when their first creator happens to be an Earthling himself. And much like Rick, each world has their fair share of immoral scientists.


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