First Appearance: “Auto-Erotic Assimiliation”

Sometimes you’re stuck with the moral dilemma of free will. Is it good to have one even if individual thoughts lead to violent disagreements? Summer is in the middle of such a philosophical thought when she and her brother, Morty, meet Unity, a hive mind whom Rick had a romantic past with. Unity invites the trio to an alien planet she recently took over, simultaneously inhabiting all the locals there and transforming the place into a worldwide paradise.

The implications are not lost on Summer. Unity may be nice, but they took away the will of every single being. Unity counters, saying there is no more conflict in this world and degenerates and the homeless have jobs and better lives; surely the end justifies the means? This isn’t enough for Summer, she tries to snap the people out of their haze. Unity starts to lose concentration at this point due to her current rendezvous with Rick, causing a small group to regain their free will.

Unfortunately, the freed aliens take this time to reignite a bitter war. Before Unity arrived, the planet had been suffering a massive race war between those who have spiral-shaped nipples and those with cone-shaped. Summer immediately regrets her concerns and departs for home afterward. Unity eventually leaves the planet, too after writing a Dear John letter to Rick. Presumably the Nipple Aliens are back to normal: forever engaged in war.

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