Status: One-Shot Characters
First Appearance: “Something Ricked Comes This Way”
Voice Actor: Richard Fulcher (King Flippy Nips), Nolan North (Scroopy Noopers)

They said denial is a river and nobody exemplifies this better than Jerry. Unaware that NASA declared Pluto a dwarf planet back in 2006, Jerry becomes the unwitting pawn of a politic scheme when he is summoned to the former ninth planet. There, he is honored by its ruler, King Flippy Nips, and his people for sticking firm with his resolution that Pluto IS a planet. Already a man of low self-esteem, Jerry eagerly laps this up, unaware the truth runs much deeper than he expected.

King Flippy Nips has been secretly mining the elusive Plutonium from deep within the planet’s core, gradually reducing the world. If he keeps this up, it’ll eventually fade away into nothing. Right now, it’s just gotten small enough to nab NASA’s attention and demote it down to dwarf planet status. This has earned the attention of a rebellion who wants to expose the truth of Pluto’s eventual fate. Naturally, the rich and affluent King doesn’t give a lick as long as he makes a fortune. The greater public is ignorant to the crisis at hand, leaving Flippy Nips free to lie and further boost Jerry’s ego by equally keeping him in the dark.

This puts him at odds with one of the rebellion members, a scientist named Scroopy Noopers and King Flippy Nips’ son. When Jerry finds out about the Plutonium and witnesses the King imprisoning his own child, he sucks in his pride and admits what is true: Pluto is a dwarf planet. The angry Plutonians dump him back home.

Pluto’s fate is unknown, but much like the global warming allegory it served, it is an issue that likely won’t be solved for some time.

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