Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance: “Get Schwifty”
Voice: Keith David

On an unassuming day, a giant alien head flew to Earth, caused untold ecological damage through its gravitation pull, and demanded the planet “showed them what they got.” Rick and Morty teleports directly to the Pentagon to inform the government, but is ambushed by the President’s security. Rick responds by turning them into snakes. Fortunately the President is one cool dude and believes Rick when the latter tells him the aliens are called Cromulons and they selected Earth for a mandatory Battle of the Bands. Well, that and you don’t mess with people who turn other humans into snakes.

Either way, the President is on board with whatever weird plan Rick has. Said plan involves Rick and Morty impressing the Cromulon by performing a hit song. The President gives them access to Area 51 and any equipment they need. The setup works and the song is a hit with the Cromulon. Unfortunately they only pass the first round; the Cromulon teleports Earth to their own galaxy to compete with other alien planets. If they lose, their world gets blown up.

Throughout it all, the President remains Rick and Morty’s staunchest supporter, even during their lowest point. Morty eventually walks out on Rick after he gets sick of his apathy. Equally tired of the President’s lollygagging, US General Nathan pistol whips his superior and prepares to launch missiles to the Cromulons. The missiles do a whole lot of nothing but annoy them, enough to disqualify Earth. Thankfully, the President reunites Morty with Rick and the duo perform another hit song that sates the Cromulons’ taste. The Earth is safe.

The President is grateful for Rick and Morty’s help, but decides to cover up the event in secrecy and so help them if they both blab about it to anyone. What I’m confused is why Rick is quick to help the government when he has a problem with it. Maybe it’s just the space government or maybe the President is just that cool of a dude.

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