The Vindicators

tatus: One-shot Characters
First Appearance: “Vindicators 3: The return of Worldender”
Voice Actor: Christian Slanter (Vance Maximus), Gillian Jacobs (Supernova), Lance Reddick (Alan Rails), Tom kenny (Million Ants), Maurice LaMarche (Crocubot), Noob-Noob (Justin Roiland)

Forget the Avengers! Nevermind the Justice League! Guardians of the Galaxy who? No, the greatest superhero team of all time is the Vindicators. One of the few things in his life that had yet to be tained by the nihilism of the multiverse, Morty heavily worshiped the ground they walked on, much to Rick’s not-so-subtle jealously. He was further dismayed when they asked him and Morty to help them on their quest. Not one for superhero businesses (a bunch of Drama Queens in his eyes), Rick was further disgusted when the Vindicators summoned him and Morty once more.

Unfortunately Rick just had to be a killjoy and mess up a good thing. Least, that’s how Morty felt at first. Heavily drunk, Rick went out of his way to kill the Vindicator’s nemesis, Worldender, then spent the rest of the night crafting an elaborate death course for the Vindicators to pass. On top of their already vitriolic annoyance with Rick, this put additional pressure for the Vindicators and the ugly truths behind their skeleton-infested closets. One-by-one, each of the members perished under their own internal conflicts. By the end, only Supernova (and by extension Noob-Noob) survived.

The members at the time of the episode were:

Vance Maximus, Renegade Soldier: With a drink in one hand and laser pistol in another, Vance serves as the team’s leader. He’s an easygoing charmer, always quick with the jokes and constantly stealing scenes.

In reality, he crashes hard when under stress. The obstacle course Rick forced him to conquer ended with him flying away in a panic, only to be violently killed by one of Rick’s many booby traps.

Supernova: A sophisticated, intelligent, and competent member of the Vindicators, Supernova acts as the team’s second-in-command. Utilizing the powers of a collapsed star, she is a highly skilled and powerful hero.

All her professionalism does nothing for her when it comes to her ex, Alan Rails, though. This reaches a breaking point when the latter found out Supernova had been cheating on him with Million Ants. The martial woes eventually ended with both her paramours dead.

Supernova blamed Rick (and Morty) for opening up the teams’ many cans of worms and nearly choked them to death. The two were spared when the platform they were on took them to the finish line where a party was held for the winner. Supernova quietly blended in with the crowd and made her escape, not that Rick cared.

Alan Rails: As his punny name suggests, Alan Rails summons ghost trains and only ghost trains. It’s a ridiculously specific power, but it’s enough to get him into the greatest superhero team of all time.

Alan and Supernova were once married, but divorced when Supernova had an affair with Million Ants. Alan never forgave either of them since and during Rick’s obstacle course, the high tension only raised his hair-triggered temper. He sparred with Million Ants, culminating in their deaths.

Million Ants: Possibly one of the weirdest superhero concepts around – and that’s a tall order -Million Ants is literally a million ants commanded by a queen ant to take on the form of a sentient man. His shapeshifting ability and quick regenerative powers have served him well in battle. Million Ants is calm and collected, able to keep the peace among his teammates.

Sadly, no amount of negotiations could have prevented Alan’s bitter feelings towards him for having slept with his ex-wife. The two men got into a huge argument until Million Ants killed Alan. This in turn forced Supernova to take Million Ants’ life.

Crocubot: A superhero who is half-robot and half-crocodile, not much else is known about him. He is killed in Rick’s obstacle course.

Noob-Noob: The Vindicators’ intern, he’s a rookie working hard to become a full-fledged member of the team. In reality, his entire job is janitorial and the Vindicators end up giving him all the grunt work. Noob-Noob is secretly Rick’s favorite because he laughs at his jokes.

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