Status: One-Shot Character
First Appearance: “Auto Erotic Assimilation”
Voice Actor: Christina Hendricks

Rick sure beds some strange fellows. Unity is an unseen collective hivemind that can possess any physical body. Their presence is large enough to shadow an entire planet. Indeed, Unity’s plan is to take over a planet allied with the Galactic Federation so can they have easy access to the thousands of worlds under their organization. Only then can Unity take over the galaxy and essentially become a God.

They’re also Rick’s ex-lover.

Rick and his grandkids stop by an abandoned alien spaceship. When they find survivors, Rick is surprised to see Unity had taken over. They invite Rick to the planet the alien ship originated from. Though Summer is displeased with the lack of free will, the world is otherwise a glowing paradise. There Morty and Summer are pampered while Rick reignites old flames with his former love. Unfortunately this loosens Unity’s concentration, causing some of the aliens to regain their individualism and finish what they started: a terrifying race war between those with coned nipples and those with spiral nipples.

Morty and Summer quickly realize Unity isn’t the problem, but their grandfather. Unity’s had a lot to think about after their last breakup and they’ve since matured. Rick hasn’t and his lackadaisic action is dragging Unity down. Summer and Morty side with Unity, decrying Rick for his bad influences. They ultimately leave when Rick refuses to listen. It takes Unity to break up with Rick to send him home, now dejected and miserable.

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