What’s Next For Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?

Now that Avengers Endgame has been released and with no real follow up having been announced I think it’s time to look at potential team-ups that could show up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe going forward. First and foremost;

**************SPOILER WARNING**************

In this article, I’m going to be talking about the fate of nearly all of the characters in Endgame including who lives and dies so if you do not want to know that please, look away.



The New Avengers was a critically acclaimed run created by Brian Micheal Bendis involving the revitalization of the said team after superhuman inmates from The Raft formed a break out which lead to the Avengers Assembling once again. Notable members from this team that are still apart of the MCU include Spiderman, Captain Marvel, Luke Cage, Doctor Strange, Iron Fist, and Ronin. While also including fan favorites that are still yet to show up in the MCU such as The Sentry, Spider-Woman, The Thing, and Wolverine. Since Netflix character still feels unlikely to ever show up[ in the movies it is pretty up in there if they would be willing to pull this off. However, it could work as an Avengers lead by Spiderman himself. Now they could have Bucky or Sam Wilson be the leader, but it would be amazing to see Spiderman be independent and creating an Avengers team after being so reliant on Tony and possible Nick Fury.



The West Coast Avengers were basically a secondary team of Avengers when the main line up got too crowded and allowed Hawkeye to be leader giving him even more focus. I find it likely for Hawkeye to be retired for good so he can spend more time with his family again but this could be a team for Antman and Wasp to be a part of since they are based out of San Francisco. West Coast Avengers was even the comic to give us a Hank Pym that wasn’t Antman but would still take out foes by growing and shrinking objects like in the movies. This team line up also consisted of Wanda who took control of the team as a leader, although I have doubts she’d be will to do something like that considering all the bad choices she has made in movies but it could be interesting character development. This would also be a good excuse to introduce the Actor Avenger Wonder and Latino Superheroes Living Lightning and Firebird.



After all the hinting that’s been done, it seems certain that will see Cassie Lang take up the mantle of a Superhero such as Stinger or Stature but that leaves the question of what about the rest of her teammates? There are constant rumors about a Kate Bishop Hawkeye tv series and Ryan Coogler did want to use Eli Bradley in Black Panther but got cut for time. There has been a lot of teenage superheroes that have been introduced in Marvel Comics that could get the limelight doing an Avengers Academy or Young Avengers team would be the best way to showcase any of them.





A big problem with Captain Marvel in the MCU is that she is too overpowered right now it feels like she cannot be stopped at all and is an inmovable object. The best direction to take would be for to have her own team taking out cosmic level threats. This would allow for the introduction of Monica Rambeau to get her powers as Spectrum, see the scientific work of Wakanda at full force and introduce an LGBT superhero in America Chavez. Adam Brashear, Blue Marvel is the only character that could be an issue since his history involves him staying in the shadows despite being incredibly overpowered as well but he’s still a very well written character I hope to eventually see in the MCU as well.



I found it pretty strange that they left Hulk as the only original 5 Avenger to probably continue his career, add into that Valkerie staying on Earth and Dr. Strange most likely having plenty of movies left on his contract means a team up of these three feels slight inevitable. Along with the fact that Scott Derrickson hinted at Namor for Dr. Strange 2 and they can now use Silver Surfer they can use the most iconic line up for the team. The Defenders are more of an anti-team then the Avengers, they’re basically just brought together to stop a foe so they can defeat it and then immediately go separate ways, so there can be set up similar to the Avengers but possibly with much quicker pay off.

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